Residential Property Management Services in Nashville & Middle Tennessee. Davidson, Williamson, Sumner, Wilson, Murfreesboro Rutherford and Spring Hill Maury County.

Seasoned Investors and savy tenants seek to find a well established management company that has a local office with deep rooted knowledge of the local markets... and that is just the beginning of who we are and all the services we provide.

See Short Video below: "Why you really should want the benefits of Professional Property Management for yourself, your investment properties and for your guests!"

If you do not already know it now, most investors and tenants will at some point seek The Experienced, Local Professional Property Management Service you can trust to take care of the investors, the investment property and the tenants.

With Over 20 years in The Property Management Industry, we know what it takes to provide the kind of services that are referable to friends and family. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

We are Native Nashvillians serving property owners and guests from All Around the World. 


It's a New Year 2024 PMI GOLDfeather Named as The Best Property Management Company by Industry Oversight Report. Industry Oversite scored 361 Davidson County Property Management Companies and PMI GOLDfeather Property Management has been recognized as The Top Property Management Company in Nashville TN 2021. Thank You Middle Tennessee! We are Native Nashvillians Honored to Serve Our Clients, Our Tenants & Our Communities!

Gold Feather Property Management
Top 100 2018

GOLDfeather Property Management has  grown primarily by word of mouth from The Property Owners, Local Real Estate Agents and Our Tenant Referrals.     Thank you 

Psalms 91:4 "He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.”

Discover the first 8 Differences You get by Using our Effective Tools, Systems and Benefits Exclusively from PMI GOLDFEATHER


#1. FASTEST Rent Collection & Payment Processing Systems -ACH -On Line Debit & Credit Card Payment Portals -Treasury Account WireTransfers

Efficient Peace of Mind Processes with Our Automated Rent Collection and Priority Express Pay® process allows us to quickly process  rent payments and disburse your earnings within 24 hours of cleared funds. We also have efficient follow up systems for tenants late  payments when necessary.

#2. Results Driven BEST Multi Layered Marketing Tools & Systems

Marketing your home correctly with will reduce the amount of time it sits vacant and ensure you receive a fair price. Our Unique Marketing Equation, "Our Specific Marketing Protocol" & "Our Rent Ready Crews" coupled with our HIGH RESOLUTION PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY gets the FASTEST RESULTS --EVERY TIME. Less time on the market generates the greatest ROI.

#3. The Most Thorough Tenant Screening Systems

Every application we receive undergoes a 6 step rigorous screening process. All applicants go through our stringent fraud detection algorithm -- automatically conducting a real-time fraud analysis for identity and  warnings notices of professionally fabricated supporting documentation such as fake pay stubs, fake ID's and more.  National background, criminal, and financial checks are also in place to make certain you end up with only the best tenants.

#4. State of the art Four Tier Maintenance Coordination and Fulfillment Platform.

Our 24 Hour Maintenance Hotline Emergency Service & Easy On Line Scheduling, Improves Our Tenant Retention, Peace of Mind and so much more.

In a National Tenant Survey: 

46% Of residents surveyed listed maintenance as a reason they renewed their lease.

36% Of the residents surveyed listed maintenance as a reason they left.

Our maintenance process coordinates, schedules and efficiently fulfills each maintenance request.   

#5. No Hidden Fees for Handling General Maintenance issues. (Saves Our Owners up to 20%)

Maximize your Revenue. We use our Quality Handyman Relationships to service your property for the fastest completion time with a fair price for the services. Any reduced pricing we receive from our relationships are yours –

We only charge a $25.00 Flat fee For The General Maintenance Oversight, Scheduling and Proper Completion Verification Etc. (NO up Charges of 15% to 20% or more for General Maintenance oversight.) [Note: A Project Management Service is different from The General Maintenance Oversight and does require applicable compensation to PMI for the fulfilment of a given project.]  Our Project Management fee is on a To Be Determined basis - if and when needed. We can discuss the project to determine the best route for any needed projects.

#6. Three Choices of Service to Include all Budgets & Service Levels

Superior Service Options This is NOT a One Size Fits All Business. This is Property Management Your Way! With a Budget And Service Range to Accommodate each investors needs. See The BRONZE, SILVER Or GOLD click the Pricing Tab to View

#7. More Tenant Referrals to Fill Our Vacancies Quickly through Keller Williams Realty and Over 200 PMI Office Locations Nation Wide Exposure

More Tenant Referrals-Less Vacancies to Maximize your Revenues. Yes, we are local and Native to Nashville and yet there are thousands of people moving to Nashville every month from all over the world! We have a National Local Networks of Referral Partners Through Our existing and previous Tenants, Our National PMI Offices and an our even larger Network of Local and National Keller Williams Realty Referral Agents. Over 100,000 agents in our "K.W.L.S" Keller Williams Listing System!  Our Local Expertise and Nation Wide Exposure helps us Provide the best possible experience for our Owners and Tenants.

#8. Our Investors are Not Locked into a contract. Find out what Professional Property Management Feels like Today "Take 90 Days to Love us Or Leave Us"

We do not intend to lock our investors and owners into a contract with expensive exit clauses. Our Property Management Agreement allows our owners to test drive our services for 90 days! To Find out if your property qualifies, Call Today 615.300.5326 

See What Others have to say about PMI GOLDfeather

100 Satisfaction Guaranteed


I was so happy to work with you and your team. You guys work like you love what you do with heart and not just for the money. I wish more companies worked like you do. I would recommend your services to anyone and everyone. Really thankful that you were referred to me. I did not expect you to be so over the top. You body slam real estate like Andre the Giant body slams people! From Rejean Gagnon AKA "Pierre" of the Yukon Lumberjacks WWF Wrestling Tag Team Champions!

Pierre Gagnon Property Owner  ★★★★★

100 Satisfaction Guaranteed


John and the team at PMI Goldfeather make owning a rental property easy. I've dealt with other property managers and none have been anywhere close to the level of service that PMI Goldfeather offers. I live halfway across the country and owning a property in Nashville has been worry free with their help. They understand my investment needs while also taking the tenant's needs in consideration. I would highly recommend trusting them with your investment property.

Garrett Sage Property Owner  ★★★★★

100 Satisfaction Guaranteed


PMI GoldFeather Property Management offers professional service on a personal level. The staff at PMI GoldFeather  are courteous and prompt, always willing to go the extra step to ensure both their customer and their client are satisfied. 

Michael Carlin Property Owner  ★★★★★

100 Satisfaction Guaranteed


From a tenant's perspective, these property managers were responsive, pleasant to deal with, and always prompt in handling matters. They were excellent representatives of the property owners while treating us tenants well.

Deborah O'Brian  ★★★★★

Bill Vaughn


"Incredible customer service. My agent was very professional and informative, explaining ever aspect of our contract. He went above and beyond in ensuring we were all on the same page and my move into the new home was as seamless as possible." I was very impressed with his communication and response time to requests. Contract signing was electronic and very easy to use, as he briefed me on it beforehand. Upon moving in he had a concierge service call me to assist me with setting up power, water, cable and gas. This service was by far one of the best transitions I have had during a move to initiate services. I would highly recommend this company and expect to continue to work with them in the future.

Bill Vaughan Tenant ★★★★★

100 Satisfaction Guaranteed

I have been a customer since December 2017. John McVoy has been very engaged from day-one. I could not ask for a better, trustworthy property manager. I do not live in the area, so all of my communications are on the phone or via email. All of the initial paperwork was very easy to sign electronically. PMI provides detailed statements each month and my rent check has never been late. Great job, John and team at PMI GOLDfeather Property Management. I highly recommend their services.

Margaret H. Investor ★★★★★

100 Satisfaction Guaranteed


I have never enjoyed doing business with anyone in any industry like I have enjoyed working with PMI Gold Feather management. Some of the best people to deal with on a personal and professional level. Will always work with them in managing my property or future properties

Basem Melika Property Owner  ★★★★★  

Lynley Yi

"I referred several of my investor's properties to John at PMI GOLDfeather for lease out and management. And, John provided such great care and professional service that my investor referred other investors to John. I highly recommend realtors to partner with John and his management team."

Lynley Yi     Realtor ★★★★★

100 Satisfaction Guaranteed

My name is Kevin Hartley. I was transferred with my job from South Carolina to Tennessee. After looking online for quite a while, I came across a home in Murfreesboro that we really liked. I contacted John at PMI GOLDFeather concerning the property. He was very professional and as helpful as anyone I have done business with. We set up a time to drive to Murfreesboro to see the home and had everything done in just a few days. This company made our move very easy. I would recommend this company to anyone if you want your move to be easy. Thanks for everything !

Kevin Hartley★★★★★

100 Satisfaction Guaranteed

What a wonderful service and professionalism. John, I don't have a word to say thank you! Thank you for your outstanding job helping us buying our new home. You are extraordinary person. Thank you for being nice. I'll recommend your service to all my family and friends. God bless you!!

Henok Tessema★★★★★

100 Satisfaction Guaranteed

It has been an absolute pleasure from the very start! From the first call to John to look at a house to him linking me up with Lynley. The transition was smooth from there on until the end. John and Priscilla are the sweetest and kindest people that I have dealt with in a very long time. They are very prompt to answering your calls and emails. By far, they are the Best property management that I have every dealt with in my many years of moving. I Highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for rental property. The rental process was thoroughly explained and very easy to set up. It made things less stressful for me. Also, their rental properties are very nice and well maintained. If you see one you like you better apply because it will not last long. I wish my stay could have been a little longer but I had to move for unforeseen reasons. But, I will definitely look them up again if I ever need to in the future. Thanks so much for making my rental experience enjoyable! You and your staff definitely Rock!  

Shannon Perkins ★★★★★

A few More Reasons Why others Choose to go with PMI GOLDFEATHER


100 Satisfaction Guaranteed

We Provide Incredible Results Starting with our Customer Service

Let's face it, Real Estate Assets are typically the biggest single asset you can own. Our clients demand seasoned professionals that are focused and committed to asset preservation, maximizing a rate of return and minimizing risks. We're committed to serving our customers and generating the most powerful results. That equation starts with the best customer service in the industry. Not Only do we answer phones quickly, respond to messages, and provide unbeatable support, we have state of the art systems and services that are Unlike any other property management company we know.

PAG logo

Our Team Relies on Powerful Technological Tools, Systems, Processes & Long Term Professional Relationships

At PMI GOLDfeather, we're not stuck using outdated tools to manage our portfolios. Instead, we use a sophisticated assortment of systems, processes and tech resources along with our Proprietary and Patented Software to keep our properties performing optimally. These tools also include digital account portals, which provide 24/7 access to your investment and Much More!

Top 100 2018

Keeping Our Finger on The Ever Changing Rental Market Pulse is Key To Understanding The Needs of Modern Renters.

Tenant retention rate matters to your Bottom Line. Don't find yourself  stuck with a lackluster property manager who makes big promises, but can't ultimately deliver. We've worked with countless tenants across Greater Nashville & our surrounding areas, so we know what renters want and need in their homes. We utilize this information to better market our homes, lower the tenant turnover rates, attract and EARN the BEST tenant referrals from existing and or previous tenants. Just this ONE PMI GOLDFEATHER FACTOR alone, ultimately earns you more.

We are The Real Estate Investors Management Company of Choice and not just a rent collector. PMI GOLDFEATHER IS THE SAFETY, SECURITY AND PERFORMANCE DRIVEN COMPANY for Owners, Tenants & Real Estate Brokers.

Gold Feather Property Management

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Nashville's Property Management Experts


Here are Over 20 GREAT POINTS to Consider when interviewing for a Professional Management Company.

When interviewing to hire a well qualified, quality property management services in Nashville, you know how important it is to find (POINT #1) a company that will represent YOUR best interests verses adding YOU as just another number on THEIR balance sheets  (POINT #2) Seek a company that will not over charged you for a less than desirable management service. Note to self ; if the pricing seems too cheap, what services can they afford to provide. Ergo, know what you are getting for that price! (POINT #3) is that you do not want to be locked into a management contract that is expensive to break if you are unhappy with the lack of  service etc. So, at first see what services are offered for the price and if you will you be locked into a long term contract. Also, ask how much it may cost to break their management agreement.  [Side point on # 3] is to see if they are highly recommended by other professionals in this industry?  (POINT #4) ask if they offer more than one level of service and pricing to fit your needs and budget?

We know this is not a one size fits all industry. See our Pricing Section for our three levels of service to find one that fits your needs and budget the best. (POINT #5) There is much more than just the management price that effects your R.O.I. and investment success.

The First step is to have an Initial Interview to discuss your property or properties, your goals, what you want to accomplish by hiring a manager and any specifics you want or need in a management company. After an initial interview with PMI GOLDFEATHER; If we find that you and your properties are a fit for us & that you would benefit from our management services & you like what we have to offer, "Take 90 days to love us or Leave us"... No questions asked. It is our written guarantee.

(POINT #6) Many New Real Estate Investors ONLY look for the cheapest management service they can find in the effort to increase their bottom line. If that is your M.O. then ultimately - do you really get a management service? Are you placing unnecessary risks on your largest investment by using an unseasoned property manager? The M.O. of Paying a fair price for your services and expect successful results is reasonable. Conversely; basing your ultimate rate of return on the lowest cost management service you can find and expecting the best results often leads to frustration and unnecessary cost to the investor.  ( If you needed a complicated surgery, would you look at news paper advertisement's to find your surgeon or do you get a referral from a trusted advisor?)

Your success is very important to us. Not only is it important for us to provide excellent services to keep our owners and tenants happy, it also affects our Track Record and Public Image. Therefore, we do not take every property and we do not take every owner. By the same token, and for the same reasons why we can not approve every tenant. We recommend that you do not take just any property management company either.  We do have to interview the types of investors and types of properties that we will agree to manage in order to consistently generate investors success and our success as well.  We do not advertise for new properties to manage and that keeps our cost low. We rely on referrals from our existing Investor Base and Realtors that work with investors.  Ergo, we do not take this area of our business protocols and proven methods for success lightly. If we are not the company that fits your needs and goals etc., we hope these twenty points will be a benefit to you in your search to find a suitable management company for your needs and goals.

At some point you have to ask yourself,  is a management fee really the most important thing that affects the profitability? The Simple Answer is - No. There is much, much more to the equation. Think about the process people go through when buying insurance products. Some people buy minimal insurance coverage just to say they have insurance, but those policies may have holes in them leaving the insured person with a lot of financial exposure. Other's will buy more insurance than they will ever need  and become "insurance poor." With Property Management, look for Your balance that suits your budget and property preservation needs the best.

(POINT #7) We do understand that it is tempting to be lured by the cheapest monthly pricing, but the point number seven is more about... "what is your exposure or hidden costs and how does that affect your overall profitability, property preservation and your peace of mind?"

(POINT #8) How much should you pay to find, vet and place a tenant. Let's take a quick look. On the front line does it feel right and make sense to pay a whole month or more of your first months rent revenue to get a low monthly fee and then get a slew of  extra charges? Well, it may look like a great idea, but keep asking questions to yourself - what is the real cost. Why is it so low? Will you be just a number in the crowd or worse will your investments be just another number on their balance sheet. Quite Frankly, it is worth a whole month to PROPERLY find a tenant, but we don't charge that amount because it can be hard on the investors cash flow. 

(POINT #9) Ask if they are charging any extra fees and what are those fees? Be sure to find out if they add on any fees to get what you would expect to be included? (POINT #10) Do you have to pay for advertising? (POINT #11) Do you have to pay their monthly fee when the property is vacant? (POINT #12) Are they doing only "Fake Drive By Inspections?" (POINT #13) Do they have add on charges for the general maintenance service? (POINT #14) Is their pricing posted on their website? (POINT #15) Are their tenants angry and posting in a landlord hater blog? Do they have a balance of these multiple facets that effect your ROI and overall Real Estate investing success? 

We know there are many things to consider in the proper balance of any property management service that you choose. The management company price is moot without knowing the benefits and features of how those features & benefits will serve you and your Real Estate investments.

Remember; if it sounds too good to be true perhaps it is. Try this, Google what their tenants say. They may be skimping on tenant services. (POINT #16) Note to self: Angry tenants often take out their frustration on your investment.  Just remember this when considering your profitability, IT IS the Balance of multiple facets that must come together to maximize your ROI and NOT just the cheapest management fee. 

Start by interviewing Managers that act and operate more like a Partner for you and your property.

Find a company that will let you see what they can do before you are locked into a contract. Our plain and forthright concept is - if we are a fit - Take 90 Days to Love us or Leave us…   

(POINT #17 ) Make sure that you hire a company that specialize in Property Management with a Network to Assist you in all Facets of Property Management. Our Professional Property Management Team is made up of life long Career Real Estate Brokers, Licensed Leasing Agents, Investors, our affiliated Attorneys and other professionals who are dedicated and passionate about helping our investors succeed. (POINT #18 ) Knowing the market swings. We monitor the market continuously, paying close attention to the patterns and trends that could impact your profitability. (POINT #19) We also focus on properly caring for your tenants needs, which in turn creates referrals from happy tenants, reduces your turnover rate and eliminates long vacancies.

Isn't it time for you to experience what a professional manager will achieve for your rental properties in and around Nashville!

(POINT #20) Question: So to be sure you get the best services, protection, and network guidance, should you just pay a company the 10%-15% monthly fee?

Answer: No, Not unless they can show true value for that service and you want it. That was fair pricing before we had all the technology tools that we have today.

There are companies that still charge ten to fifteen percent that do not have all the benefits we have in our entry level Bronze Package at only 7.9%. So, make sure you explore your options and check out our menu. A brief description of our menu is in our pricing section.

We always intend to give you more than you would expect WITHOUT surprise fees, add-ons and superfluous extra charges that usually just get owners "miffed." Our Approach to your peace of mind comes from several areas of expertise which you will find in our 3 Choices of service to suit your specific needs and budget.

When interviewing for a Property Manager that fits your needs, don’t forget to ask about the benefits that are offered or not offered. We understand that a growing number of owners do not know why they want certain benefits until they discover they needed them and by then - it can be too late. This is prevalent when landlords only focus on finding the cheapest manager they can find. Understanding the rental property profitability matrix and the rental market cycles over decades of hands on experience is only acquired with hands on experience over time.

Note: there will always be the next company out there that says they can and will manage a your property for cheaper and financially on the front end that may make sense to you. However; there is always a cost to providing each level of proper property management services. And there is always that lingering or unknown hidden cost to cheaper pricing. As in - why is it so cheap, what are you really getting and where are they skimping or adding fees to charge so little.  Getting a fair price for services and protecting our owners and their investments is what we do very well. 

The Bottom Line is to Do some research before you appoint anyone as stewards over your hard earned investments. Choosing the wrong property management partner can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. At PMI GOLDfeather, we take a different approach to keeping your investments performing optimally and take great pride in providing more than our clients expect. 

Your investment success is very important to us.  Our Reputation depends on it!   

While Our PMI GOLDfeather's focus is solidly anchored in Property Management, Our Team's Scope of services is intended to Build Real Estate Wealth  One Client at a time. 

With Real Estate Investing - You Make your Money When you Buy!

Want to invest in rental property, but afraid to make one or more simple mistakes that could land you and your finances in a property that defeats your whole purpose for investing? Contact us at Nashville Keller Williams The Anderson Group Real Estate Services, LLC. 615.425.3600 Ask for John McVoy. Let's have a conversation about YOUR GOALS before you begin buying any property. We know it can be a disturbing feeling when the realization comes about that the property you purchased does not line up with your investment goals. 

Consult with our Licensed Real Estate investment Brokers and Develop Specific Strategies that fit your investment goals

Our Team has an incredible ability to locate, evaluate, structure and negotiate offers to acquire choice investment properties. Our Entire Team becomes an excellent resource for the purchase and sale transactions revolving around investing in Middle Tennessee Real Estate.

Professional Guidance before, during and after investing.

Only Real People - Only Real Reviews

TESTIMONIAL: The most professional realty operation in the business. Organized, detailed and fast. Very well connected throughout the industry. Results in the best possible deal for both buyer and seller. The team at the Keller Williams Anderson Group was active, available, personable and professional in every respect. Rose & Jack Plause

John & Rose

Thank you Rose & Jack Plause

We really appreciate you! 


Wondering if our approach will help your home? Give us a call: (615) 300-5326