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PAY Application Fee with Debit or Credit Cards - Visa - Master Card - American Express - Discover Card

How to Apply

  • View a listing to learn more about your property of choice. Verify any and all information about the property deemed important to you prior to applying. Call the appropriate school board to verify a school zone.

  • To start the application process, click The Submit Your Rental Application Button Above to enter your information. To check or confirm the availability of a rental prior to submitting your application, click on the application link and call the phone number highlighted in red.  Application fees are a non-refundable fee.

  • The Process can be completed quickly if you have your supporting documents ready and the employment, rental or residence history is verified. Note: 3 working days are allocated to the verification process by Resident Research. So, please notify your employer and current landlord (if previously renting) to be on the look out for verification from Resident Research, LLC.

  • Be sure to gather your Supporting Documents, such as pay stubs, tax returns and or other proof of income such as SSI benefits etc.

  • If you need any assistance with the application process or Need to Check on the Status of Your APPLICATION or want to see if you have submitted any/all required documents etc., PLEASE - Contact Our Application Screening Agency, Resident Research, LLC. at 800-566-2320 or by e-mail at Or Call us at PMI Goldfeather at 615.300.5326.

  • An associate from Resident Research, LLC. may contact you for additional or needed information during the verification process. Please respond promptly so the application and verification process can be completed within the maximum of 3 days. Please See Important Note Below.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants unable to provide requested documentation and or correspondence after 3 days are subject to termination due to non-response or inability to provide required documentation. Applications are on a first come, first completed and approved basis. It is set up as a first come first approved process. Please Note: ALL Adult Applicants Must submit a rental application. To help expedite your approval process, remember to have all of your documents ready to upload to Resident Research, contact the appropriate persons at your employment and place of residence to let them know that Resident Research will reach out to them for a verification of employment and residence history. 

  • Once your application has been approved, you will be notified by phone or e-mail and or text message if needed. The lease will be generated and sent to you via e-mail in our on line document signing and storage system called DOT LOOP. The lease is sent to you without Property Manager’s signature for your review.  It is required that you review and complete the documents and lease signing with in the first 48 hours. Please ask any and all questions and then electronically sign the lease and supporting documents so as to not delay the process. Once the documents are completed and signed by you, they will be signed by the Property Manager and sent to you for your file. The amount of one month's rent is then due to fully bind your lease. That amount covers your $200 leasing initiation fee and the remainder is your refundable security deposit.

  • If your move in date is less than 7 banking days, certified funds will be required such as cashiers check or the like. Otherwise, we can take personal checks when we have plenty of time for a personal check to clear.

  •  If you have any other questions during the leasing process, Please call 615.300.5326

    We are happy to help!

Minimum Requirements

600 minimum credit score. - Rental amount should not exceed 30% of income. -Payments on Credit Report Max is 50% of income. - Verifiable Minimum of 1 Year on the job or same line of work. - Verifiable and favorable Rent History or Mortgage History. - We also order a National Background Screening Check for evictions, offenses, collections, charge offs, bankruptcy filing and reports of criminal activity from every county and every State. 

Will you get Approved if?...

Unverifiable income? NO. -Bankruptcy with in last 10 years? NO - Any Evictions? NO. - Indebtedness to Landlord? NO. - Violent Felony? No. - Crimes against person, place or property? NO. – Other Criminal Behavior? May be a Case by Case subject to disposition etc. - Will you consider a Co-Applicant as a Guarantor of the lease? Yes, we will consider a Co-Applicant as a Guarantor of the lease. However, the Co-Applicant as a Guarantor must have the income capacity to pay the entire lease amount and pay their own bills without exceeding the debt to income ratios outlined above. - A conscious fabrication of pertinent information on application or applications missing pertinent information is grounds for rejection or subordination of your application to the next in line.

Pet Policy -Sorry, we have a "NO Cat" Policy. See Pet Policy info at the Top of this Page in the Middle Drop Down Menu-Under Tenants.

We work hard to keep our vacancy rates as low as possible, so there may not be any available homes on this page at any given time.