Realtors, Don't Risk Losing another client when they say, "I think I just want to rent this one."

We provide your clients with our Propriatary and Specialized Property Management Services between Your Sales.

We Put our Professional Alliance Guarantee in Writing.

Your clients are always YOUR clients.

Gold Feather Property Management

How Our Referral Program Works

Here's how to get started.

1. Fill Out the Form Below

Get started by filling out the referral form. That's all it takes to send a client our direction. Call us if you have any questions.

2. We Get in Touch

Let your client know to expect our call. We will make contact and review their options available as a Landlord. If it makes more sense for them to sell the property, we will refer them straight back to you!

3. Doing the right thing to serve the public is what we all signed up to do as Licensed Professionals.


See The Top 5 Reasons - Why Agents Refer the Property Management Part to us?

Consider the Benefits of Our PMI GOLDfeather Professional Alliance GUARANTEE

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#1 Reason: You Hang On to Your Clients - YOUR CLIENTS ARE ALWAYS YOUR CLIENTS. It's Guaranteed in writing.

Don't risk losing a sale or a client because a property hasn't found the right buyer. If your clients get anxious or nervous they say, "I think we will just rent this place."  Just send us a referral. We just want the property management referral part in the middle of your sales. That's all Folks! You'll increase your opportunity of landing the sale in the future by having us preserve your relationship with each property owner/seller you send us. It's a simple way to keep everybody happy and it is much better than loosing your client all-together.

Your clients are always YOUR clients.

We agree to "Return the Property" to you as "Your Listing" when owner decides to sell the property and or "When The Owner decides to buy other properties." 

#2. Keep Your Liability Low

It's a distraction from your Real Estate business and a License Liability Exposure NOT keeping up with the ever-changing insurance rules and requirements, housing ordinances, bankruptcy rent collection laws, land lord tenant act, protected classes fines, discrimination suits, eviction protocols, and each counties local laws impacting rental properties. Don't open yourself up to unnecessary liability—let us advise your clients appropriately.

#3. Everything is Recorded in Writing

We provide unbeatable peace of mind by providing you with a written agreement for our referral relationship. 

#4, We'll Keep Your Clients Happy

We know how important it is to protect your reputation in the industry. When you send a client our direction, we'll work hard to keep them happy and make you look great. 

#5. Protect your future sales.

We refer your property owners back to you for any future sale and any other purchases this owner makes! Your Client is Always "Your Client." We Just handle The Property Management part between sales - for you.

Also, A Tenant (is a potential future home buyer.) Finding Tenants for one of our properties generates a $200 dollar referral fee. All you do is just show the rental property to the prospective tenant and we will handle all of the application process and lease paperwork...  Now that's easy. If your tenant decides to buy a home after their leasing ends, we send them back to you to find a home to purchase!

This is just like putting your future commissions in your very own safety nest. PMI GOLDfeather is The Agents go to Resource for Property Management.

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