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The 3 Pillars of Buying, Owning and Effectively Managing Your Real Estate Portfolio. If you have One property or you have One Hundred, "Use Our Operational Systems, Design your Map of Sucess and use our Network of Professional Guidance to keep you on track with your investements."

The Big Picture is all about understanding the fundamentals of the Real Estate investing. "Pay attention to all the little things including treating your tenants properly makes the biggest difference to your continued sucess." For more details on the 3 pillars "The dynamic trio" of Real Estate investing, check out the book "The Millionaire Real Estate Investor" by Gary Keller with Dave Jenks and Jay Papasan

If your Real Estate Portfolio is not performing optimally and giving you headaches, which of The 3 Pillars listed below could you improve to make your Real Estate life better?

Pillar #1. Your Criteria: You Make Your Money When you Buy! Have a Plan.

Knowing what you buy is called The Criteria.The Criteria is ultimately about identifying predictable value, and that is why it is the first area of focus for Building Financial Wealth in Real Property. We can discuss the specific criteria successful investors use to select their investment properties if that is where you are in the process. 

Pillar #2. The Terms: How You Buy it. Have a Map.

Terms are about maximizing owners value and represent the second area of focus  in Real Estate Financial Wealth Building. Terms determine the value to you now and in the future.  How much will the property yield over time.

Pillar #3. The Day to Day Management.

The Network needed for Owning and Managing your Investments: Have Professional Guidance to get where you want to go.

Even if you have one property, your network must be viewed as a most valuable asset and genuine resource for you to stay on track. Without a proper network, you may often feel as though the asset owns you instead of the other way around? If you ever feel like this it may be time to connect with a proper network.

When you join forces with us, you Leverage the use of our Expansive Professional Network. Building a reliable professional network of relationships only develops over time.

It is of the utmost importance to maintain a network of reliable and seasoned professionals. You will want them to be Licensed, bonded and Insured when appropriate.

We are happy to provide guidance on how to better optimize and protect your investment property. After 20+ Years in this industry, we do not pretend to know everything about everything and neither did Henry Ford. Just like Henry Ford, we are well connected with a large Professional Network to serve our clients and us quite well. Ergo, if we do not have the proper answer for a question, we certainly know who does.

At PMI GOLDfeather we have National Exposure through Property Management Inc. and Keller Williams Realtors with Local Representation You Can Depend On in any and all Markets or Economic Conditions. We are seasoned property managers and licensed brokers on your side that know how to get the best results for your Nashville rental property. We have first hand experience with Local and National Market Trends, Low and High Inventory Markets and How to Compete for the Best Tenants in the naturally occurring market downturns. We get the job done properly with our team of professionals working for you. 

Real Estate Portfolios worth having are built over time - shorten the distance with a plan, a map an professional guidance. Team up with our services and professional network to get your portfolio on track today.

"It is hard to go wrong buying Real Estate if you hold on to it long enough."


Meet Our CEO of Nashville's PMI - Property Management Inc. PMI GOLDFEATHER

John Mcvoy


John has over two decades of property management experience. His Real Estate Career Started in 1986. John has served in more than one capacity for home owners in Tennessee. He has several years’ experience in mortgage lending with SunTrust® Bank and The Premier Bank of Brentwood. He is one of the founders of Hunley Homes Incorporated, a Real Estate investment company. John literally works with Real Estate investors around the globe. He has a passion for Tennessee Real Estate and more specifically a true passion for managing properties towards their maximum potential. He sees his position as The Asset Manager for his owner’s most valuable assets and does not take that position lightly. He is a native to Nashville and has watched Middle Tennessee’s growth continue throughout his life. His continued commitment to improving the standards of the property management industry is directly aligned with Property Management Inc.’s corporate culture and commitment to excellence. He believes that a corporate culture should be beneficial to all those it touches and serves. John holds a Tennessee Real Estate Brokers License at Keller Williams Realty. John is The Principal Broker for the KW Mega Agency, The Anderson Group Real Estates Services, LLC. He is a Member of The Greater Nashville, The National & Tennessee Association of Realtors.

Gold Feather Property Management



Property Management Inc. (PMI) was foundedimage-2 BY property owners FOR property owners.

Our mission when creating PMI was to make the property management experience better for you, the property owner.  Property Management Inc. prides itself on providing exceptional, professional services to property owners across the country.  With a nationwide network over 200 offices strong, PMI continues to influence the improvement of the property management industry as a whole, while transforming each individual property owner’s expectations of what property management should be.  Creating value for property owners through superior quality service, technology, professionalism, intelligence, and integrity is the core of PMI's mission.    We are the Future of Property Management.

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While Our PMI GOLDfeather's focus is solidly anchored in Property Management, Our Team's Scope of services is intended to Build Real Estate Wealth  One Client at a time. 

With Real Estate Investing - You Make your Money When you Buy!

Want to invest in rental property, but afraid to make one or more simple mistakes that could land you and your finances in a property that defeats your whole purpose for investing? Contact us at Nashville Keller Williams The Anderson Group Real Estate Services, LLC. 615.425.3600 Ask for John McVoy. Let's have a conversation about YOUR GOALS before you begin buying any property. We know it can be a disturbing feeling when the realization comes about that the property you purchased does not line up with your investment goals. 

Consult with our Licensed Real Estate investment Brokers and Develop Specific Strategies that fit your investment goals

Our Team has an incredible ability to locate, evaluate, structure and negotiate offers to acquire choice investment properties. Our Entire Team becomes an excellent resource for the purchase and sale transactions revolving around investing in Middle Tennessee Real Estate.

Professional Guidance before, during and after investing.

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TESTIMONIAL: The most professional realty operation in the business. Organized, detailed and fast. Very well connected throughout the industry. Results in the best possible deal for both buyer and seller. The team at the Keller Williams Anderson Group was active, available, personable and professional in every respect. Rose & Jack Plause

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