If you have Already Enrolled in The Preferred Rent Payment Method via Our Regions Bank - Treasury Account with the ACH Draft form, DO NOT Pay Your Rent through the on line portal below.

If you are not already using the Free ACH Draft option and wish the use the on line portal below to pay rent. Please check the Fees for the type of payment method you are using before confirming a payment.

Please Note: If you are trying to use two different cards in the On Line Payment Portal (Debit or Credit,) Only One card will be processed and may take up to 6 days to clear this system Before Allowing you to enter another card payment for that particular property. This could cause a portion of your rent payment to be late depending on when your first card payment was submitted. This is a Real Page Payment Services issue that we are unable to resolve at any level. Thank you!

For any Payment Portal concerns or issues: Real Page Payment Services' contact information is below.  

  • Payment Portal Consumer Support Toll Free Telephone Number: 1-844-530-5785

  • Payment Portal Consumer Support email:   RealPagePaymentsServices@RealPage.com

Log in Now

Link your preferred financial account by logging in to the account portal and scheduling a payment.

[Note: The On line payment in this Tenant Portal is Different from our ACH. The ACH payment is through our Regions Bank Treasury Account.] 

New Tenant?

NEW Tenants - If you don't have an account yet and want to pay rent using the tenant online payment portal, click on the link to the right and then click "Create Account" to get started. [Please Note: when your lease is first originated, your tenant portal account takes a bit to enter your information into this system before it is accessible. To Bind the lease an ACH draft of one months rent through The Regions Bank Treasury Account is typically the easiest and fastest route to bind and secure your lease.]

Prior to the lease commencement, enter your information for the tenant portal access. Your information will be sent to your property manager. Your property manager will activate your account and send you your login information. 

Tenants, please use the contact info below if you have a payment question using the On Line Payment Portal.

  • Our PMI Goldfeather staff will continue to manage questions relating to ledger balances and charges; however, all questions (from tenants) concerning processing through the On Line Payment Portal will be handled by Real Page Payment Services dedicated email and phone support team.
    • Consumer Support Toll Free Telephone number:

    •  1-844-530-5785

    • Consumer support email:   RealPagePaymentsServices@RealPage.com

    • For you convenience, this On Line Rent Payment Portal has been enacted to expand your options for paying rent. If you would like to discuss using our Free ACH Draft Service, please contact our office. Thank you PMI GOLDfeather